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League of Legends Wild Riftis a game that is currently loved by a large number of players. However, to have the most effective and accurate way to play, right now, please join keo nha cai 5 in reading the article.

Wild war league of legends with the unknown

League of Legends Wild Rift is a quite famous Moba game on the market today. To bring gamers into dramatic online battles with a large number of participants.

Wild war league of legends with the unknown

In Vietnam, the game is released through the cooperation between Riot Games and VNG with support on Android and IOS platforms. The game is inspired by its predecessor, League of Legends. Therefore, the way to play this game is quite familiar, each team has a maximum of 5 members taking on different positions.

The ultimate goal of both teams is to destroy the opponent’s main tower. The tower is closely protected by soldiers as well as defensive towers. One notable difference with League of Legends is thatLeague of Legends Speed ​​BattleOnly allow close games from the blue team’s perspective.

If the player is on the red team, the map will automatically rotate in reverse. This is to change the position of dragon and baron points in the game.

Some basic push button at League of Legends Speed ​​Battle

To join the game League of Legends Speed ​​Battle To be successful, you need to be proficient in using the game’s buttons. Here are some buttons you need to know and use fluently:

  • Moving generals: Gamers should control the general’s movement direction freely to avoid sudden attacks. From there, to create a tactical advantage for your team.

A few basic buttons in League of Legends Wild Rift

  • Return: Gamers should return to the team’s base to recharge their health and energy. Note that during the recall period, the champion will remain still and not perform any actions.

  • Complementary spells: Complementary spellsLeague of Legends Speed ​​Battle, heal to burn,…. They not only bring many important benefits to champions, this also creates diverse playing strategies and ways of playing.

  • Attack button and hero’s move set: Use the attack button and move set to perform basic attacks or special skills in the hero.

How to play League of Legends Wild Rift for new players

How to play League of Legends Speed ​​Battle The most effective way is when you apply some playing experience from experts. This not only helps you increase your chances of winning as well as receive huge rewards.

Optimize layouts and playing positions

With optimizing layouts and locations, what you need to do is at the menu screen, click on the settings icon. Next, scroll down to the bottom and select Controls and then Customize button layout. Right now, the screen will appear as described below.

Optimize layouts and playing positions

In addition, gamers can also adjust the position of buttons and coordinates accurately. What’s special is that you can also create three different button settings and choose depending on your personal preferences.

For example, if the gamer wants to move the ward button away from the ultimate key to avoid accidentally pressing it. What you need to do is adjust the settings to suit your gaming habits.

Adjust sensitivity when playing

In the settings, what you need to do is continue to select Controls, then scroll down to the Camera section. This is the measure that controls the sensitivity of the screen through the use of an increase or decrease button. Similar to when a gamer adjusts the device’s volume, if not adjusted properly, the screen can spin secretly.

By default, the sensitivity is set at 100% which is too high compared to the general level. When starting to play, what you need to do is reduce the sensitivity to 20% and slowly adjust according to personal feelings during play. In the settings above, gamers will also easily see the ‘Button Aiming Sénitivity’ section. So, immediately reduce the value of this item for more accurate targeting.

Master a secondary position from the character

If a gamer usually chooses mid lane but the heat team has someone else to take that position. This is not a problem if gamers are proficient in at least one champion with different roles.

This flexibility allows users to easily switch between champions. And even shines in a supporting role with the knowledge and strategies accumulated from each match.

Through our article, you probably already know league of legends speed What is it and how to play it effectively? So, what are you waiting for? Go play and experience it right now.

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